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I am trying to deploy a Lithium app on Heroku, but Heroku uses a read-only file system for apps. This causes a problem with the app/resources folder. I've tried looking for a setting the lithium config to change the path to this folder, but it appears to be hard coded.

Can anyone recommend how to resolve this issue?

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I can't tell from the Lithium docs what it does with the app/resources folder. Could you clarify? You need to write some data there and you're getting an error message? If so, what's the error message? Or do you mean you can write data there just fine but that data gets destroyed when your app is restarted each day? – culix Sep 4 '12 at 15:29

Lithium uses the /resources folder for writing temporary files such as logs, file caches, compiled PHP templates, etc.

The path is configurable through Libraries::add() when the application is initialized. In config/bootstrap/libraries.php, you can replace your application's Libraries::add() call with one like the following:

This configuration uses the system's temp directory, and checks for/initializes the subdirectories Lithium will use.

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I've used Lithium on similar PAAS services such as PHP FOG and I've never had much use for the resource folder. I've used it at points for cacheing and storage, but typically I outsource these using a CDN. Using a CDN will prevent your files from being deleted as well.

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