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In velocity I have a variable which its value is null. I don't want to display anything in that case.

Currently the template engine translates "" to null so I have to do.

#set ( $a = "")
#if ($a) 
   assert("never prints a neither gets here: " + $a)

Is there a way I could do that directly? I'd like to be able to make something like:

This is the variable $a. ## in case that $a is null i don't want 'dollar a' to be displayed
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You might find the following Velocity wiki page interesting: Checking for null. Also check out $null check in velocity –  Xavi López Sep 4 '12 at 12:46
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$!a does the trick. You can use this form directly without an if check.

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You want Quiet Reference Notation: $!a

Here's your example:

This is the variable $!a.

If $a is null or "", Velocity will render:

This is the variable .

Official Guide section: https://velocity.apache.org/engine/devel/user-guide.html#quietreferencenotation

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I have to say something about above answer, which is also accepted. But, It took my more then 1 hour Because of the position of ! . I wrote this answer to another programmer who may face similar problem like mine. The correct answer is

!$aNot $!a.

Save your time. :D

Thanks @Irmak Cakmak

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I think your requirements were different from the original question. Notation in my answer is called "quiet reference notation" and position of ! is perfectly alright. –  Irmak Cakmak Feb 5 at 12:43
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