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Using <asp:GridView and <asp:SqlDataSource, I can AllowPaging="True" in the GridView and paging gets added and works perfectly.

However, if I use <asp:GridView but then don't use the <asp:SqlDataSource, instead if I use the C# coding method and create a BindData() function, everything works fine except when I try to actually use the paging.

I get the error:

The GridView 'GridView1' fired event PageIndexChanging which wasn't handled.

Why does this get handeled automatically when <asp:SqlDataSource and AllowPaging="True" are used together, but it doesn't get handled when <asp:SqlDataSource and BindData() are used together?

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That is a common question. Take at look at this article. http://www.aarongoldenthal.com/post/2009/04/19/Manually-Databinding-a-GridView.aspx

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