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Let's say I have an entity called Game which has a home_school_id. I can of course do $myGame->getHomeSchool()->getId() if I want that school's id, but that takes up too much memory. How can I just directly get home_school_id?

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In your GameRepository.php. Then, do a $game->getHomeSchoolId($id); You'll just have to work with your select, from and where, but that's really easy.

    public function getHomeSchoolId($id)
        return $this
                ->from('BundleMyBundle:HomeSchool', 'q')
                ->where('q.something = :id')
                ->setParameter('id', $id)

If you want the ID of another entity, which is linked through a relation, you'll have to do a join. Just ask if you need more informations.

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