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I have a legacy code. The code works like this: after an Event1 has happened it creates an window object ( inherited from CWindowImpl class ) in the heap. After an Event2 has happened it applies changes made in the window, closes it by calling DestroyWindow() and frees the memory in the heap by calling delete.

This code is buggy because it deletes the window object before all the messages for this window are processed. How to know for sure when it's safe to call delete for the window object?

The only solution i found out is to override OnFinalMessage and call delete this there. I don't like it because it must be guaranteed that the object is created in the heap only. Are there better ideas?

Thank you.

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Having done DestroyWindow, you have the handle of the window destroyed, so it is safe to use delete on the window class pointer. No late messages can arrive at that point.

OnFinalMessage comes from inner WTL's handler for WM_NCDESTROY message.

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