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I am using Sessions in Cakephp . I am having 3 controllers .In the User controller while logged in , i have wrote the User id in the Session variable .

But when i try to read it in the other controller i am getting the value of the Session variable.WHy so???

Edit :

In my users controller

i am writing the User id of the person who have logged in as

   function login()


	if (!$this->User->validates())
    		$this->Flash('Please enter valid inputs','/main' );

                    $this->Session->setFlash('Login Successful');

		$this->flash('Username and password do not match.','/main');



And in my forms controller i am trying to read the session variable user id like..,

  class FormsController extends AppController 

var $name = 'Forms';
var $helpers=array('Html','Ajax','Javascript','Form');
var $components = array( 'RequestHandler','Autocomplete');
var $uses=array('Form','User','Attribute','Result','Invite','Share','Choice');

 function index() {}

     function design() 
        	$userId=$this->Session->read('userId');echo $userId;


But this User id is not displaying the session variable what i have wrote....

Why its happening..

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Can you post any code...? Are you using the Cake Auth functions or rolled your own...? – deceze Aug 4 '09 at 9:17
i have added the code to the Post – Jasmine Aug 4 '09 at 9:24
  1. You might want to look into using the Cake built-in AuthComponent if you haven't already.

  2. Have you actually tested the return value of $this->User->loginUser()?

  3. Can you save anything else in the Session at all?

  4. See if you can get any hints out of this question.

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