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For example, in a [emp] table, the columns are :

emp_id    emp_name    emp_role

If the values being inserted in emp_role column values can be 0 (for Administrator), 1 (for Management), 2 (for Employees).

Now is there any way to get those details of a column emp_role (like, 0 for Administrator) along with the table concerned (i.e, [emp]) in SQL server database ?


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No, there is not unless you know the structure and relationships of your database. You should review the following concepts: Table, Primary Key, Foreign Key and Relationship. – Y. Ecarri Sep 4 '12 at 13:28

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If you have dictionary table with role definitions it will be something similar to:

select e.emp_id, e.emp_name,
from emp e
inner join role r on e.emp_role =

if not, but you know role names it will be something similar to:

select emp_id, emp_name, 
case emp_role when 0 then 'Administrator' when 1 then 'Management' when 2 then 'Employees' end as RoleName
from emp 
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