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I've to manage a client-server-application with > 1K connected clients using netty 3.5.1. Sometimes updates get lost which are written to database when we disconnect our clients through restarting our servers. When performing a restart/shutdown, we shutdown our Netty components like this:

  • shutdown server-channel
  • disconnect all clients (via ChannelGroupFuture)
  • call releaseExternalResources() on our ChannelPipeline
  • call releaseExternalResources() on our ExecutionHandler which is part of our ChannelPipeline (is it necessary to invoke it manually?)

However I wonder why ExecutorUtil.terminate (which is called by the ExecutionHandler) does a shutdownNow on the passed ExecutorService, because shutdownNow drains all existing tasks in the queue and returns them. The tasks won't be executed because ExecutorUtil.terminate is of type void. Wouldn't it be more appropriate to invoke shutdown on the ExecutorService and wait for the completion?

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That's a good suggestion.. Would you mind open a issue for it on our issue tracker[1]

[1 ]https://github.com/netty/netty/issues

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