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I am writting a script that parses through a text, the text has no structure at all, meaning that what i am willing to extract has no specific structure. the script must use REGEX to find the quatinty of specific articles:

$article ="balls","dolls"

normal structure =

  1. "3 balls"
  2. "2 balls and 6 dolls"

I can retrieve the values with a regex like this ((\d+)."+$article+"|$). this works only if the quantity value in near the article.

but if the value isn't well i end up with nothing. eg.

  1. 3 balls and dolls or
  2. 3 red balls

So i guess a good way to do this would be find $article and then lookback for any integer value. I worked out this regex (?=.*"+$article+")([\d\.]+) but i can not make it to just look for the left first match. any suggestions.

Thanxs a bunch!!!

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You want to do nlp with regexes alone? – manojlds Sep 4 '12 at 14:06
Well because I am not a regex expert this could be very messy, I guess the easiest way would be using Powershell libraries. – Carlos Enrique Valdés Sep 5 '12 at 7:49

Step 1 - Download Expresso. This is a great interface for developing RegEx queries

Step 2 - i haven't had a chance to play with this query yet, but step 1 will help

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