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I have Web developer express 2012.

Currently, I have two updatepanels on a formpage. One is being populated with imagebuttons during the page init event, its events are defined then and they work perfectly.

However, the events themselves involve creating a further series of image buttons on a second updatepanel which is situated on the same form. For this I have a sub procedure called from the first updatepanels imagesbuttons event handlers. Unfortunately no matter what I do, the second set of image buttons do not fire their events at all.

I have looked into Viewstate and don't know for sure if this is the issue. I wonder if the issue is that I have two separate updatepanals. Or the issue is that these second imagebuttons must be created after the init and load events of the page.

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Ok. I just figured out why. It is because I had a conditional in the init method which could not be met and so the events were not being initialised. – RobDeManc Sep 4 '12 at 15:11
Welcome to StackOverflow. Since you managed to solve your issue by yourself, please consider replying to your own question, and mark your answer as the accepted one. That way users with the same issue in the future might find a proper solution far easier. Thanks! – Alexis Pigeon Sep 5 '12 at 12:48

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