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I have a quick question now I am working with timers in EJB and I create a timer like this:

new ScheduleExpression().second("*/60").minute("*").hour("*"), new TimerConfig(
"mainTimer", true));

now when I shutdown the server and restart, this timer is active I understand I have perstiance = true but I am not specefying the datasource where are these being persisted?

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There is no standard place where the persistent timers are saved between server restarts. They might be saved on a database or on the file system as Jboss 7 does by default. This should be configurable, but most of the time you don't need to change the defaults.

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I don't know what application server you're using, but for example in GlassFish the timer service is preconfigured to use an embedded Java DB database.

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As for WebSphere 6.1 default EJB Timer database is Derby.

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