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I set up a wordpress, everything is fine. it is under a sub-directory of main website. and it use same database with the custom developed website. path is like below;


i need to list the latest 3 posts at main website (out of wordpress). I looked wordpress db, but couldnot see any cat name at table :/ so how can I generate such link to post from out of wordpress?

appreciate helps!!

just found this article online. working great!!


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This should help: codex.wordpress.org/Integrating_Wordpress_with_Your_Website –  mastergalen Aug 29 '12 at 13:45

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Try this sql

select te.name from wp_posts as p 
left join wp_term_relationships as r on ( p.ID = r.object_id )
left join wp_term_taxonomy as ta on ( r.term_taxonomy_id = ta.term_taxonomy_id )
left join wp_terms as te on ( ta.term_id = te.term_id )
where p.ID = 529
and ta.taxonomy = 'category' 

where 529 is the post you want to find the category for.

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You could parse the RSS feed that Wordpress generates using something like MagicParser. This would allow you to display the most recent posts on your homepage with relative ease.

The preferred method would be to use one of the methods as described by Dav, though.

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