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In my case getVersion in Robolectric SQLiteOpenHelper returns always 0. Because of this onCreate is called in DBHelper if the current DATABASE_VERSION is for example greater than 0.

Does anyone know how to configure/set the Database-Version in Robolectric? I am using robolectric-1.1-jar-with-dependencies.jar and roboguice-2.0b4.jar. (Read + write works so far...)


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Have you resolved this? If so, please choose an answer. –  Jared Burrows May 18 at 17:13

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Uhhhh found out how cool Robolectric is - so I have to answer my own question. Here is what I did:


public class ShadowSQLiteDatabase extends com.xtremelabs.robolectric.shadows.ShadowSQLiteDatabase {

    public int getVersion() {
        return 10;


public class InjectedTestRunner extends RobolectricTestRunner {
    protected void bindShadowClasses() {

That's it!

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