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I have a simple table, stored in Sqlite database, named mytable. It is defined and created by the following code:

  public static final String DB_T_MYTABLE = "CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS mytable(entity text primary key, last_change_date integer not null);";
  _db.execSQL(DB_T_MYTABLE );

After storing information in this table I want update it, and I'm using the following:

  ContentValues cv = new ContentValues();
  cv.put("last_change_date", ((int)(cal.getTimeInMillis()/1000))); // cal is Calendar object

  String whereClause = "mytable.entity= 'service' ";
  int r = dbManager.updateTable("mytable", cv, whereClause);

I'm sure that table contains a row with entity = 'service', but no-rows were effected after this code. Even r returns 0. And no error was generated. Someone can tell me why?

I tried even with the following code but the result was the same.

  int t= ((int)(cal.getTimeInMillis()/1000)))
  String query = "update mytable set last_change_date = '"+t+"' where entity= 'service'";
    dbManager.RawQuery(q, null);
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Could you run the command using adb and post the results? (adb shell sqlite /path/to/db.db). Also run SELECT * FROM mytable. –  rkapl Sep 4 '12 at 15:16

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Thank you, I solved the problem. I left, accidentally, a Cursor open on the previous query (select) on the same table. Deleting that part all works correctly.

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