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i´m coding in ABAP and implemented a template method pattern. I like to draw some UML class diagramm for this. To do this in UML for the classes is no problem. But my class is implemented in a function modul (SAP specific terms), its like an stand alone method which i use to make the implementation available to an Remote Procedure Call.

So whats the best possibility to get the non oo function modul and the oo classes in one diagramm. Any ideas?

EDIT: Is it allowed to mix component and class diagrams?

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Treat the/each function as a class with one (static) method?

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mhh nice idea, i will consider it. THX – Richard Aug 4 '09 at 10:51

We use a class with the sterotype <<function pool>> to represent - well - a function pool and methods with the stereotype <<function module>> to represent function modules. You can do the same thing with FORM subroutines, MODULEs, subroutine pools and the like. We also tend to use a stereotype-based coloring scheme so that interfaces are shaded green, the legacy procedural stuff like function pools is red and so on. Unfortunately, since there is no viable modeling tool with both system-to-model and model-to-system linkage, it’s rather a lot of work to use UML for ABAP development.

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Organize the functions on logical groups. Create an utility class for each logical group and put the functions as static members of those utility classes.

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There is more to UML than class diagrams, based on the limited information provided I would make the SAP invoker element an external Actor on the system, use the system boundary to contain the OO aspects of the system documented within the Class diagram, use an activity diagram to document the full workflow.

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In Object (and Class) Orientation, everything is consider an object, even non objects !!!

Modules, namespaces, and libraries, are one of the things that U.M.L. creators seems to overlook.

Many designers represent global elements, enclosed in a file, namespace or module, representing the module as a single object or class.

I languages like Javascript, modules, are enclosed by a singleton object or global object.

This is a generic example of how non O.O. may be implemented.

..|                            <<module>>                          |..
..|                             Strings                            |..
..| [+] String[]: Letters                  <<constant>> <<global>> |..
..| [+] String[]: Digits                   <<constant>> <<global>> |..
..| [+] String: ToUppercase(String Value)  <<function>> <<global>> |..
..| [+] String: ToLowercase(String Value)  <<function>> <<global>> |..


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