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In Eclipse Indigo (on Mac OSX), I have a project 'Test'. In this project I have a package 'test1'. In this package, I have a class

In short the file structure is: Test/src/ and

I have a library mylib.jar in lib folder.

I also have a data file named info.dat. In info.dat, there's information about which class to load. For example, in info.dat, I specified: class=Test then, when I run:

$  java -jar lib/mylib.jar info.dat  

(NOTE: this works if I run this command in terminal and have class file in the same folder with info.dat)

the main function in mylib.jar will load Test.class.

I'm using External Tools to achieve this. Here is my External tool setup:

Location: /usr/bin/java
Working Location: /path/to/Test_folder
Argument: -cp . -jar lib/mylib.jar bin/test1/info.dat

However, when I try to run, I get this error:

LOADING INFO FROM FILE bin/test1/info.dat
=> Current directory=[not include because not important]
=> Full pathname=[not include because not important]
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: Test

I also tried to change class=test.Test in info.dat but got a similar error

java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: test1.Test

The result shows that the info.dat was loaded ok, but the path to class file was not correct. How should I configure the external tool to do what I need? Can someone please give me some instruction?

Many thanks,

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It was an easy solution with Run Configuration. I just need to pick the main class from mylib.jar in Java Application and put info.dat in the argument field.

Sorry for wasting the resource here.

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