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I have following problems.

A) How can i increase value of progress bar by decimal values? I tried

ui->progressBar->setValue(0.5); and increased this using while loop by added 0.5. But all I got is empty progress bar. Any idea why?

p.s:I got warning 'This statement has no effect' on the line ui->progressBar->setValue(0.5);

B) While making a progress bar I made a while loop with progress bar value increments by 1 and added Sleep(600) so that progress bar doesn't complete very fast. That isn't the problem, my problem is while the progress bar is increasing, my app lags a lot. I tried putting QCoreApplication::processEvents(); all over my while loop and all over in my code but that didn't work. What to do?

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Are you sure the 'This statement has no effect' is due to setting the value of the progress bar? Perhaps you had a while loop immediately above it with a semi-colon on the end of the while loop? –  Caleb Huitt - cjhuitt Sep 5 '12 at 18:10

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QProgressBar::setValue takes an int parameter. 0.5 converted to int is 0, as any fule kno. So you are effectively calling setValue (0).

To do this properly, you have to call setMinimum and setMaximum, and then scale the floating-point number by the appropriate factor.

But I must confess, I'm puzzled by your "statement has no effect" warning. Are you sure about that?

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Regarding B), do not use Sleep in the main thread. Of course this will make your application unresponsive, because no repaints or input event handling can occur while the thread is sleeping. Instead use a QTimer connected to a slot which increments your progress bar value.

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Can you pls give an example code? I am new to Qt –  Varun Chitre Sep 4 '12 at 15:56
There's some example code at developer.nokia.com/Community/Wiki/Archived:QTimer_example which should point you in the right direction. I would also recommend reading the Qt documentation to learn how signals and slots work. –  Dan Milburn Sep 4 '12 at 17:04

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