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I create some filter from my task list. Use simple_form and chosen-rails. But my form looks awful.

My form has next code:

= simple_form_for @search do |f|
  = f.collection_select(:user_id_in, User.all, :id, :name, {},{:multiple => "multiple", "data-placeholder" => "Select user"})
  = f.button :submit, "Submit"

And my coffee file:

jQuery ->

It was look:

<div id="search_user_id_in_chzn" class="chzn-container chzn-container-multi" style="width: 42px;">

Where did this value: style="width: 42px;? Chosen or simple_form? I must override each <div> element in css file with !important?

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I think it is from chosen... I use chosen, but I use it straight as a JS file and CSS so I have the flexibility to go find the 42px and update it accordingly... Do you have a Chosen.js or Chosen.css somewhere?

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No. I required them in applictaion files(.js and .css). But I have check a chosen.css from github.com/harvesthq/chosen/blob/master/chosen/chosen.css and not found any string with 42px. It looks weird –  Eugene Sep 4 '12 at 18:16

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