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I am using a simple form to submit some new document info, and would like the user to be able to hit a 'save and new document' button so he can easily add multiple documents. I've tried to add a button to the form which works the first time I hit the 'save&new' button, and pops up another form over the existing one, but after that the button stops working. possibly because I haven't properly closed the previous one, when spawning the new one?

how would I do that?
I'v tried using closeDialog() before calling the new dialogURL() but that obviously does not work...

(simplified) code sample follows:

class page_informa_documento extends Page {

  function init(){
  $f->addButton('Save and new document')->js('click',$f->js()->atk4_form('submitForm','otro'));

  if($f->isSubmitted() )
      // save document info we just got here

    if ($f->isClicked('otro')) 

      $f->js()->univ()->dialogURL('New Document',$this->api->getDestinationURL('/informa/documento'))->execute();

    else  $f->js()->univ()->closeDialog()->execute();
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If you need form data, you must add multiple Submit buttons.

$b=$f->addSubmit('Save and Add More');

    // save your document here

        // go to index page, we are done
        // stay on the same page, just reload

Here is a demo: http://test-suite.agiletoolkit.org/?page=form

Source is taken from here: https://github.com/atk4/atk4-testsuite/blob/master/page/form.php#L16

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thanks, I realized yesterday I was complicating things too much: just 'refreshing' the form would work, which is basically what I'm doing now... –  gsteenss Sep 6 '12 at 12:11

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