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I have this table

rss_user. You see account name, application name and application type.


example data

tom@gmail.com   webapp4     webapps
tom@gmail.com   webapp6     webapps
tom@gmail.com   mswin3      windows
tom@gmail.com   mswin2      windows
sakur@gmail.com mswin2      windows
sakur@gmail.com webapp6     webapps

I wish to get one random account from the combination of rss_name and rss_type. Every combination of rss_name and rss_type should have one random account.

current code. Completly useless :-(

  FROM (  SELECT    'SYNC rss_user WITH rss_user_name = "'
             || RSS_USER_NAME
             || '" , rss_name = "'
             || RSS_NAME
             || '" , rss_type = "'
             || RSS_TYPE
             || '";'
        FROM rss_user


SYNC rss_user WITH rss_user_name = "tom@gmail.com" , rss_name = "webapp4" , rss_type = "webapps";
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Here is an approach:

  FROM (SELECT    'SYNC rss_user WITH rss_user_name = "'
             || RSS_USER_NAME
             || '" , rss_name = "'
             || RSS_NAME
             || '" , rss_type = "'
             || RSS_TYPE
             || '";',
                 seqnum = row_number() over (partition by rss_name, rss_type order by dbms_random.value)
         FROM rss_user
        ) t
 WHERE seqnum = 1

That is, use row_number() and dbms_random.value with each other to select a random row.

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thank you very much. Only very small correction from my side. –  fyodor78 Sep 5 '12 at 11:31

This is a great discussion on how to generate random numbers row-by-row. Once you understand how to do that, you can just do this (pseudo-code):

select rss_name, rss_type, max(rand) from
(select rss_name, rss_type, <random number> as rand from rss_user) a
group by rss_name, rss_type
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I think the questioner knows about creating random values, since the code sample includes DBMS_RANDOM.VALUE. Your answer doesn't answer anything. –  Gordon Linoff Sep 4 '12 at 15:51
Additionally the "group by rss_name, rss_type" doesn't work, because I need rss_user_name. –  fyodor78 Sep 5 '12 at 11:30

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