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I've found plenty of great responsive image gallery's such as Flexslider, but the none of them give you the following functionally:

To have each image have it's own anchor tag, that can be accessed directly via the URL. For example: http://www.website.com/gallery#image-of-a-dog

What I'd really like to have is a gallery with thumbnails where each thumbnail will link and slide the right image via an anchor link.

I know the Anything Slider can do this, but it's not responsive.

Does anyone know of a solution?

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You could do this with server-side scripting by using query variables. Is that an option? –  thatidiotguy Sep 4 '12 at 15:50

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This is an example using jQuery cycle.

but you can use it with any plugin that let's you choose from which slide to start.

let's say you have a gallery of 10 photos, and when a photo is clicked you append the number to the url, let's say you clicked on photo 3 thus the url will be /gallery#3.

so you need to get this number:

 var num = location.pathname.split('#')[1];
 if (!num) num = 0; // default to starting slide.
 $('#gallery').cycle({ startingSlide: parseInt(num) });

hope this helps.

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