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I'm having issues configuring my Facebook app to behave as I want when posting information via the Feed Dialog. I've set up an app and created a link that correctly posts my content when clicked, but I can't figure out how to make the link to the app in the resulting post redirect where I want it to.

As an example, here's a post made via Instagram.

If I click on the 'via Instagram' link, I get either prompted or automatically redirected from the destination URL to

I've seen other posts suggest you can do something similar using a JavaScript redirect from the App Canvas page, and I've got a proof of concept doing this, but since I've seen Instagram and other apps do this seemingly internally to Facebook I'm convinced it's possible to do more cleanly.

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That link goes to your app's canvas URL ( or website URL as defined in the app settings, it can't be configured with any more granularity.

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Okay, I see now - I have to enter the site URL in the 'Website with Facebook Login' box. I wish they'd give their options better names! – BenK Sep 5 '12 at 10:00

This seems that it will probably do the trick most easily:

See the redirect radio button in the image they have.

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