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I have a CGI script that streams events:

print 'Content-Type: text/event-stream\n'

while (True):
    print 'event: item'
    print 'data: ' + get_random_event()
    print ''

From the command line, it sends random events at random intervals (every few seconds).

However, I have the following JavaScript:

var source = new EventSource('feed.cgi');

source.addEventListener('message', function(current_event)
    }, false);

This has never got me an alert. There are no errors in the Chrome JavaScript console, but so far I have never gotten a discernible recognition that the code listening to the server script has received an event.

Do you have suggestions for how I can get these?


I should probably give the first CGI script for completion. FireFox says "Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at http://[deleted]/feed.cgi." But I can execute a CGI script normally that's in a sibling directory, and Apache's finest-grained Directory setting is still on a directory that is parent to both and meant to allow scripts with a .cgi extension to run as CGI. And the script is set to mode 0755.

Adding a file flush after an increment of behaviour doesn't seem to alter the script's reception.


import random
import sys
import time

timescale = 5

names = [

notifications = [
    'applied for a position at ACME.',
    'went to an interview at ACME.',
    'accepted an offer from ACME.',

def delay():
    time.sleep((random.random() + random.random()) * timescale)

def get_random_event():
    result = '<div class="activity"><span class="name">'
    result += random.choice(names)
    result += '</span> '
    result += random.choice(notifications)
    result += '</div>'
    return result

print 'Content-Type: text/event-stream\n'

while (True):
    print 'event: item'
    print 'data: ' + get_random_event()
    print ''
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1 Answer

Starting from our code and W3chools Server Sent Event documentation I build an example which runs succesfully in chomium and firefox with these modifications (with lighttpd):

  1. add a '\n' at the end of print
  2. flush the standard output insteadof the standard error

So the while should be:

while (True):
    print 'event: item' + '\n'
    print 'data: ' + get_random_event() + '\n'
    print ''
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