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What's the best way to build a c# solution made with Visual Studio on Ubuntu? Is there a way to convert the .sln file to a makefile? Should I use Mono?

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The first thing I would do would be to use Moma to check to see if your program will run under Mono as is. You can also use MonoDevelop which can use Visual Studio Projects.

From their faq: In fact, since MonoDevelop 2.0 the default project format has been VS2008-style MSBuild projects, but VS2005 and VS2010 formats are also handled.

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C# is a .NET language, .NET is a Windows-based framework. It has been ported to Linux operating systems (Ubuntu included) via the Mono Project. So yes, you need to use Mono.

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Mono is the best I've tried. It says on their homepage that they are binary compatible between each other, so if it's already built, you could just run it on Mono. No need to recompile.

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Your best bet is to use Mono if you want to use a process like MsBuild. Mono has xBuild that is similar. This SO question has some information about using Mono.

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