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I have a huge application, running in different environments with different configurations. So I need generate packages with different /META-INF/context.xml.

This is my META-INF/ folder:


I've already tried the maven-antrun-plugin, but it can't handle files inside META-INF/.

Now, I'm trying the maven-war-plugin, but it doesn't rename or copy files. It only add or exclude files. So I need some help.

I want to generate a war package choosing only one of them, renaming or overwriting the original context.xml.

Note: I'm using profiles.

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One option could be to use the <packagingExcludes> and <packagingIncludes> in the maven-war-plugin.

For example to exclude context.xml, and context1.xml:


You can use regex in the include and exclude section to filter out a wide range of files. This maven wiki covers more examples and details on this topic.

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First of all, don't put the input files in META-INF. Put them in a folder that maven is not aware of. Now set a property to a file name in each profile


<!-- etc. -->

Now use the antrun plugin and define an ant property:

<property name="maven.context.file" value="${folder}/${filename}"/>

Before you call your ant target, as mentioned on the antrun usage page.

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