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I'm confused. How should I design a DynamoDB table to effectively query items using reverse order of timestamps with pagination?

I know I can use ScanIndexForward and query it with Limit and LastEvaluatedKey but the guide says: "Query results are always sorted by the range key, based on ASCII character code values"

What the range key should contain then? Right now I'm using reverseTimestamp, but I'm not sure that this:

var request = new QueryRequest()
    .WithExclusiveStartKey(new Key { HashKeyElement = new AttributeValue {S = "1"}, 
     RangeKeyElement = new AttributeValue {S = lastKeyEvaluated} })

will return 25 latest items in the table

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In Python's DynamoDB-Mapper, we serialize all dates to "W3C Date/Time Format" AKA "RFC 3339". It has the nice property to sort times in the right order when using UTF-8 text sort. Another side effect is to store tz info with the timestamp.

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yeah I see... now AWSSDKUtils has a few types GMTDateFormat, ISO8601BasicDateTimeFormat ,ISO8601DateFormat ,ISO8601DateFormatNoMS, RFC822DateFormat ,UrlEncodedContent... which should I use? And it doesn't have the one you're mentioning – Agzam Sep 4 '12 at 17:23
@Agzam: RFC3339 is a subset of ISO8601. Pick the variant you want depending on you needs. – yadutaf Sep 4 '12 at 17:56

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