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I have 4 programs that I'd like to package into one installer and allow the user to select which one they would like to install.

I've never used NSIS before but I was recommended to give it a shot, however, I've no idea where to begin with this.

Basically I just need one page that asks the user to select a radio button then click next to install one of the following programs:

-- Install components --------------------

Select a program from the list below and
click Next to continue.

O Program 1
O Program 2
O Program 3
O Program 4


Cancel                                 Next

Then depending on what they choose it launches program1_setup.exe or program2_setup.exe etc.

As each of my 4 programs are installers in their own right, I take it I don't need to set up the uninstall script in NSIS as that's taken care of already?

Thanks, Greg.

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Why not let the user install more than one program at the time? –  Anders Sep 4 '12 at 20:15
No reason, how would you change the code so that it installs every app they've chosen? –  gfyans Sep 6 '12 at 8:15
By not using radio buttons, just checkboxes (aka not using the stuff from one-section) –  Anders Sep 6 '12 at 17:30

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This code is similar to the one-section.nsi example.


!include sections.nsh

Page components
Page instfiles

Section /o "Program 1" P1
File "/oname=$pluginsdir\Setup.exe" "myfiles\Setup1.exe"

Section "Program 2" P2
File "/oname=$pluginsdir\Setup.exe" "myfiles\Setup2.exe"

Section ; Hidden section that runs the show
DetailPrint "Installing selected application..."
SetDetailsPrint none
ExecWait '"$pluginsdir\Setup.exe"'
SetDetailsPrint lastused

Function .onInit
Initpluginsdir ; Make sure $pluginsdir exists
StrCpy $1 ${P2} ;The default

Function .onSelChange
!insertmacro StartRadioButtons $1
    !insertmacro RadioButton ${P1}
    !insertmacro RadioButton ${P2}
!insertmacro EndRadioButtons

You can use the CheckBitmap attribute to change the checkbox icons if you want...

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Thanks, Anders, I'll try this out tomorrow. –  gfyans Sep 4 '12 at 20:42

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