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I've found this snippet of code in various place around the 'net:

tell window 1
  tell menu of popup button 1
    delete every menu item
    repeat with catListItem in catList
      make new menu item at end of menu items with properties {title:catListItem}
    end repeat
  end tell
end tell

When I use it in my AppDelegate script in a Cocoa-AppleScript Application, Xcode gives me an error: *t2t_AppDelegate.applescript:25: error: Expected end of line but found identifier. (-2741)* (Line 25 is "tell menu...")

I'm not sure what I'm missing that would allow me to dynamically populate the popup button with a list of terms (catList) that I'm drawing from another application. Any suggestions?

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Unless you are running something earlier than Snow Leopard, It looks like you are using AppleScript Studio terminology (which was deprecated in Snow Leopard). Using the current AppleScriptObjC framework, the user interface items are referenced via outlet properties, for example:

property myPopUp : missing value

From the Interface Editor, this property is connected to your popup button, which allows you to use it with various methods in the NSPopupButton class and its parents, such as addItemsWithTitles. Once everything is defined and connected, you would use something like:

set catList to {"next item", "another item", "Items added"}
myPopUp's addItemsWithTitles_(catList)
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Thanks, Red! I've got some catching up to do on the "right" way to do AppleScript now. –  donm Sep 6 '12 at 5:23

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