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I have a file of e-mail addresses and i need to create a script to import all these addresses as accounts, so there is some text manipulation going on, and i need to learn more python.
the file is in the form of

This is basically a user name and a domain name that i need to create an account name (same as user) and domain, and e-mail address, with some other date/file path variables into an import file. once the user and domain have been assigned to variables they can be printed to a file with some other data to create and import list/script. Then use the import file to create a list of accounts on a new mail server, without going through all 128k of them one by one. So. How do i read each line of the file (128,000 entries) one at a time, to put each user name into a variable followed by corresponding domain into an array / tuple / list/ dict ? to then add the date and some other file path stuff to build an account name with email address from the two variables and append the output to a new file, but doing this per-line before looping onto the next line and repeating??

somthing along the lines of

make output file
read file line 1 and put the user and domain into variables
print user print domain print (otherstuff) print user@domain

append each output loop to same new file (not original)
loop to next line of file and repeat
continue to EOF (128k lines later)
to make one big file to import mail accounts and details for each,
(possibly split output file to smaller chunks for import stability 100 entries per-file?)

so far i have

import time;

input = open('/home/adam/Downloads/mailaccounts.txt', 'r')
fileoutput = open('/tmp/domaintest.txt', 'a' 'w')
sql1 = "INSERT INTO mailbox (username, password, name, storagebasedirectory, maildir, quota, domain, active)"
password = "88888888"
storage_base_directory = '/var/vmail/vmail1'
localtime = time.localtime(time.time())
localtime = localtime[0], ".", localtime[1], ".", localtime[2], ".", localtime[3], ".", localtime[4], ".", localtime[5]
localtime = ''.join(map(str, localtime))
for line in input:
    email = line
    user = line.split("@")[0]
    domain = line.split("@")[1]

now the out file has characters


that do not appear with the print command when testing from command line

anyone any ideas?

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Here's a regex to match your multiline text file. Have fun. – Romoku Sep 4 '12 at 18:01

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