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I have made some code to display some content in Python/Kivy, and it seems I didnt write the ScrollView good.

I have tried some variations in the program but the program doesnt display the scrollbar.

This is my code:

def build(self):
    root = BoxLayout(orientation='vertical')
    box = BoxLayout(orientation='vertical')     
    lists = rss_feed()      
    for lista in lists:
        temp = BoxLayout(orientation='vertical')
        for entry in lista:
    sv = ScrollView(size_hint=(True, True), size=(400, 400))
    return root

My question is: what I need to do to display scroolbar???


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I found an example on!topic/kivy-users/AiaUnKp3XX4 and the mistake has been corrected.

I forgot to set bind method

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