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Hi I want to measure the processing time by applying load into server using virtual user. I have used tools JMeter and Load runner and found that it do not measure processing time so is there any load testing tool that can measure server processing from client side? please Reply Thanks.

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A load testing tool such as JMeter and Grinder will only be able to measure processing time of a request indirectly, since it cannot see into the server. It can measure the total time required to receive the request and you can then subtract the network time to calculate the processing time on the server. Many load testing tools include a server monitoring component, which will collect server-side metrics (e.g. CPU usage) and include them in the test report. Our product (Load Tester) and several other do this. For more detail, you need a code profiler. Most of these tools would be used to analyze a single user at a time and show you exactly what parts of the code the processing time was spent in. Some tools, such as DynaTrace, AppDynamics and NewRelic are more suitable for use under production load. None of these are free.

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Jmeter gives Elapsed time and Latency of request I will calculate the processing Time from JMeter By Subtracting some values from Latency. Processing Time = Latency - (Time from the first byte to last byte of request sent to server + Time of First byte received to the client) Here is The Latency Definiton From Jmeter Now the problem is How can i get this from Jmeter (Time from the first byte to last byte of request sent to server + Time of First byte received to the client) – AsadYarKhan Sep 5 '12 at 14:08
CMerrill Please answer ? – AsadYarKhan Sep 6 '12 at 8:56

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