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I am making my first foray into laravel development . I am coming from a codeigniter background. The official tutorial http://daylerees.com/2012/03/25/laravel-getting-started/ advises starting by setting up a virtual host, which I have never done. I have a number of projects that I develop in the easyphp wamp, along with netbeans, and I am concerned about how to set up a virtual host without affecting the routing of my other projects. is there a way to make the virtual host conditional on if my laravel test project is running and otherwise default to the standard settings for the other projects?

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A virtual host is only needed if you want to host several sites on the same IP address. As I read your post, you already have setup an environment where you can develop php apps.

Just continue on that path and you will be fine.

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Adding virtual hosts most likely wont change anything to your current projects` paths. Try to do that and when some problems occurs ill try to help.

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