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I have a big home directory, under which there are many jar files. I need to aggregate the contents of all txt files, within the jar files in my home directory, into a single text file.

Can someone help me with this? I don't know how to write a script for this. I am using a Linux system.

To recap, I need to:

  1. Find all jar files
  2. Find all txt files within the jar files
  3. Get the contents of these txt files into a single output file
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I don't know what "write them into a common txt file" means. But note that .jar files are just .zip files with some extra metadata conventions (and a few other differences like a formalized set of compression algorithms that you don't have to care about). You can unpack them with a simple "unzip" and then operate over the file tree directly, which you might find simpler. – Andy Ross Sep 4 '12 at 18:33
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If we omit proper whitespace handling in file names, it boils down to:


for jar in $(find "$searchdir" -iname '*.jar'); do
  for txt in $(unzip -l "$jar" | awk '/\.txt$/ {print $NF}'); do
    unzip -c "$jar" "$txt" | tail -n +3 >> "$outputtxt"

You can also omit | tail -n +3 from the inner most loop if you wish to include the unzip header in the output file. An example header:

Archive:  /home/username/filename.jar
  inflating: META-INF/maven/pom.xml
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I would presumably use jar tool to do it-

for jarfile in `ls -1 *.jar`
    txtfiles=`jar tf "$jarfile"|grep ".txt"`   #find all txt files in the jar
    for files in $txtfiles
      jar xf "$jarfile" $file     #extract just the txt file
      if [ $? -eq 0 ]             #check if extract was successful
        cat "$file" >> aggregate_file.txt  
        rm -rf "$file"             #clean up the un-jar
        print "Cannot extract $file from $jarfile..."

Here is a descriptive on jar.

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