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That's the question: Which library can help me to access data available via WebDAV in my Java-programs? OpenSource is preferred.

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The now deprecated Apache Jakarta Slide project includes a Java WebDAV client library - but this project is retired due to the lack of a developer community.

Apache Jackrabbit is mentioned as alternative to Slide. You might want to check if its WebDAV library can be used instead.

If you just want to access files from a WebDAV repository, you can simply use a HTTP library as WebDAV builds upon HTTP. You only need a WebDAV client library if you want to use WebDAV features like locking, directory listings or access to properties (meta-data).

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I need access to the properties. But the Jackrabbit-library sounds good, I will take a look, if it is usable. Thanks for the hint. – Mnementh Sep 24 '08 at 21:11

I created a very easy to use java webdav client:

share|improve this answer is based on the retired Apache Jakarta Slide project's Java webdav client, and includes the VFS WebDAV provider. It is packaged with HttpClient 3.0.1.

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+1 The client library of Jakarta Slide was good and Jackrabbit doesn't offer anything equivalent. It's good to know there is something new in this field. – Pascal Thivent Oct 18 '09 at 22:27

Never used it, but maybe apache commons vfs?

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Apache's Jakarta Project has a WebDav Construction Kit, which should fit this need.

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WebDav Construction Kit looks like a server side technology for implementing WebDav in Tomcat or other containers. Am I wrong? – Allain Lalonde Oct 22 '08 at 12:49

Here's a better library to use for webdav operations. It's called Sardine hosted in Google Code.

I found it through here: Java: How to upload a file to a WebDAV server from a servlet?

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