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I'm using Sybase ASE and I'm unable to do subqueries like:

select * from (select '1' union select '2' ) X

I've been looking around and as far as I know it should be possible after Sybase ASE 12, am I doing something wrong, or is it not possible with this version???

Edit - Even after changing the query to:

select * from (select '1' as col1 union select '2' as col1 ) X

So even giving alias to the columns, it fails anyways...

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Without seeing an error message, it appears that you need to give column aliases in your sub-query:

select * 
    select '1' as yournewCol 
    select '2' as yournewCol
) X
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Sybase ASE does not support subqueries in the FROM clause:

Subqueries can be nested inside the where or having clause of an outer select, insert, update, or delete statement, inside another subquery, or in a select list. Alternatively, you can write many statements that contain subqueries as joins; Adaptive Server processes such statements as joins.

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You need to give your columns name. Try this:

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I am unable to insert the code sample. Just put "as col" after '1'. –  Gordon Linoff Sep 4 '12 at 17:44

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