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I am trying to get a JQueryUI (1.8.23) dialog to work on an ASP.NET MVC view. I have specified the dialog to "autoOpen: false" and have specified some buttons on the dialog as well.

The first problem is that the dialog doesn't seem to respect the "autoOpen: false" declaration and always opens when the page loads. The second problem is that the buttons I have specified don't display; either when I open the dialog from links on the page or when it opens when the page loads.

My Javascript that sets up the dialog is:

        $(function() {
        var actionUrl = "";

        var passReason = $("#passReason"),
        allFields = $([]).add(passReason);

            autoOpen: false,
            height: 100,
            width: 300,
            modal: true,
            buttons: {
                "Pass": function() {
                    actionUrl = actionUrl.replace('COMMENT', escape(passReason.combobox('getValue')));
                    document.location = actionUrl;
                "Cancel": function() {
            close: function() {

        $(function() {
                url: '<%= Url.Action("GetOverrideReasonCodes", "Statistics") %>',
                valueField: 'code',
                textField: 'description',
                method: 'GET',
                mode: 'remote'

    function getManagerComment(jobId, routeId, crisId) {
        actionUrl = '<%= Url.Action("ManualCompleteSegment", "Statistics", new RouteValueDictionary{{"jobId", "JOBID"}, {"routeId", "ROUTEID"}, {"crisId", "CRISID"}, {"comment", "COMMENT"} }) %>';
        actionUrl = actionUrl.replace('JOBID', jobId);
        actionUrl = actionUrl.replace('ROUTEID', routeId);
        actionUrl = actionUrl.replace('CRISID', crisId);


    function getManagerRouteComment(jobId, routeId) {
        actionUrl = '<%= Url.Action("ManualCompleteRoute", "Statistics", new RouteValueDictionary{{"jobId", "JOBID"}, {"routeId", "ROUTEID"}, {"comment", "COMMENT"} }) %>';
        actionUrl = actionUrl.replace('JOBID', jobId);
        actionUrl = actionUrl.replace('ROUTEID', routeId);


and the that represents the content of my dialog is:

    <div id="pass-dialog" title="Enter Pass Reason">
        <label for="passReason">Pass Reason: </label>
        <input id="passReason" name="passReason" class="easyui-combobox" />

I have the beneath the emitted HTML.

Any suggestions?

Thanks, Matthew

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Are you sure this is the only JavaScript creating a dialog on that element? –  Andrew Whitaker Sep 5 '12 at 0:52
I'm pretty sure. When I look at the entirety of MVC's emitted HTML, there's only the one script block that calls the .dialog() method on that div element. –  Matthew Belk Sep 6 '12 at 13:18

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Found out there was a conflict between jQueryUI and "EasyUI" CSS files. Once I removed the EasyUI from the equation and went to a more manual population of my dropdown, everything worked as expected.

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