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I'm trying to add some help to my GUI developed in VC++ 2008. I want to compile a chm file, or a hlp file that can be accessed from my menu. Anyone can give me any idea about how to do this?

Thanks a lot

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It's not clear from your question if you are asking about creating a .CHM, or simply opening an already created one (or both?). Perhaps you could clarify. – anon Aug 4 '09 at 13:28
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Under HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\HTMLHelp , create an entry
named help.chm
value C:\path to\help file.chm

Then to open the chm at a particular topic call

 HtmlHelp(m_hWnd, "Help.chm", HH_DISPLAY_TOPIC, NULL);
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Nice! Thanks a lot. – deb Aug 5 '09 at 7:22

Sorry, I misunderstood your question earlier.

For opening the Help file, you can use WinHelp

Some Links:

First (PDF)

There are some issues with WinHelp in Windows Vista and Win2K8, For details on how to deal with them, Look here

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I know how to create this files, I want to know how to link them to my app. – deb Aug 4 '09 at 11:12

You could just ShellExecute the .chm file. That will open it.

ShellExecute( hWnd, _T( "open" ), _T( "help.chm" ), NULL, NULL, SW_NORMAL );
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If you are using managed C++:

In the namespace


you can find the class Help with static methods ShowHelp, ShopHelpIndex

More info:

If you are using unmanaged C++ (WIN32 api):

You can just launch the *.chm file. Example how to do it you can find here: . Or here

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I used Win API 32 – deb Aug 4 '09 at 12:03

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