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I have two linked tables:

    Case_Table:                 Case_Clients
                                Client_ID (int, identity)
    Case_ID (int, identity) --- Case_ID (int)
    Conference_ID (int)         Relationship_ID (int)
    Other Stuff

Below is the SQL statement to list all records that has a head of household:

    SELECT Case_Table.Case_ID, 
    FROM   Case_Clients INNER JOIN
           Case_Table ON Case_Clients.Case_ID = Case_Table.Case_ID
    WHERE  (Case_Clients.Relationship_ID = 1)

The company requires that each case has a head of household, and we have taken steps to enforce this, but we still have the existing cases that do not have a head of household. I know that I have over 100 cases without a Head of Household (Relationship_ID = 1).

Moving on... what I am trying to do is to list the Conference_ID and Case_ID for each record in Case_Table that does not have a head of household in Case_Clients.

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You can use NOT IN to retrieve any records in CaseTable that don't have records in Case_Clients where RelationshipID = 1 (assuming that is the head-of-household record).

SELECT Case_Table.Case_ID, Case_Table.ConferenceID
FROM Case_Table
WHERE CaseTable.Case_ID NOT IN (
    SELECT Case_ID 
    FROM Case_Clients 
    WHERE RelationshipID = 1
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This did the trick, I think. And looking at it and seeing that the solution is so simple is enough to make me feel somewhat embarrassed. Thanks for the quick solution. –  Gregory Hampton Sep 4 '12 at 18:30

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