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I want to run pocketlint on all **/*.js files.

.PHONY: lint_js2

LINT_JS = $(wildcard static/js/*.js static/js/**/*.js)
LINT_JS_TARGETS = $(addprefix lint__,$(LINT_JS))


lint_js2: $(LINT_JS_TARGETS)
    echo $<

lint__%: %
    pocketlint $<

However, I get this error:

make: *** No rule to make target `lint__static/js/ad_list.js', needed by `lint_js2'.  Stop.
  1. Why lint__static/js/ad_list.js is not captured by lint__%?
  2. If I uncomment second .PHONY, it echoes lint__static/js/ad_list.js, but does not invoke pocketlint static/js/ad_list.js. Why?

If my approach is wrong, what would be the right approach? Since tasks are independent, I would appreciate if make -j50 would do what I am expecting.


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It's not clear what is intended: does pocketlint write a file named lint__static/js/ad_list.js, or is that really a phony filename? Anyway...

  1. Reread the second paragraph of How Patterns Match:

    When the target pattern does not contain a slash (and it usually does not), directory names in the file names are removed from the file name before it is compared with the target prefix and suffix. After the comparison of the file name to the target pattern, the directory names, along with the slash that ends them, are added on to the prerequisite file names generated from the pattern rule's prerequisite patterns and the file name.

    In short, % generally matches just a filename, not a pathname with slashes in it. So lint__static/js/ad_list.js is not captured because actually it is only ad_list.js that is being matched against lint__%.

    If you can arrange it so that the output files from pocketlint are static/js/lint__ad_list.js etc, then this could be made to work:

    LINT_JS_TARGETS = $(foreach f,$(LINT_JS),$(dir $f)lint__$(notdir $f))
    lint__%: %
        pocketlint $<

    Alternatively you can make % match pathnames by having the target pattern be a pathname (containing a slash):

    LINT_JS_TARGETS = $(addprefix linted/,$(LINT_JS))
    linted/%: %
        pocketlint $<

    This time % = static/js/ad_list.js does match the pattern rule.

    In either case, you're going to have to have pocketlint produce output (if indeed it produces output) named differently than lint__static/*.

  2. Implicit rule search is suppressed for phony targets (see Phony Targets, paragraph 5). So the rule involving pocketlint is never considered when lint__static/js/ad_list.js is phony.

    It's not obvious why the result is Nothing to be done for (phony) lint__static/js/ad_list.js rather than No rule to make target lint__static/js/ad_list.js, but I wouldn't lose sleep over it!

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No, pocketlint does not produce any output. lint__ is a fake target. – Motiejus Jakštys Sep 5 '12 at 4:50
@Motiejus Then I think I showed you a couple of ways that will work. However if pocketlint doesn't write an output file then presumably you're running it to get messages on stdout/stderr, which means the tasks aren't really independent: the messages will be jumbled up with make -j50. So really it'd be hard to improve on the simple lint_js2: for f in $(LINT_JS); do pocketlint $$f; done. – John Marshall Sep 5 '12 at 9:37

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