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I am using the jQuery plugin called sudoSlider, and I am trying to set some options after the slider has been initialized.

If I initialize the sudoSlider like this:

var sudoSlider = $("#slider").sudoSlider({speed:500});

and then try to do

sudoSlider.setOption('prevNext', false);

the prev/next buttons do NOT disappear, like I would think they should.

I am also trying to do

sudoSlider.setOption('afterAniFunc', foo);

where foo has been defined as the needed function, but this does not work either.

How can I get this to work? I do not have the ability to change the initialization call of the slider in question, so I need to change those options after the fact.

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I created SudoSlider, and the issue you are having is a bug.

You can fix it by giving the option argument in lowercase (so 'afteranifunc' instead of 'afterAniFunc').

You can also get a fixed JavaScript (version 2.2.2) on github: https://github.com/webbiesdk/SudoSlider, or the website: http://webbies.dk/SudoSlider/

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