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I use CodeIgniter, and this is the url I have. I use a gallery script at the page, and it generates #/uploads/18.jpg such thing at url :( is there any way to make it unvisible or sth . maybe with htaccess. i dont know.

i dont want to spend an another day finding an another gallery script, im already out of deadline :(

appreciate helps...

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Just leave it there. What's the harm? Really. You are on a deadline, and are wasting time trying to remove a #tag from the url.

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Can we have a look at the gallery script? perhaps you could edit something there to make it work. That's what I always do with the scripts I use to make them work with CI.

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it is this script; devkick.com/lab/galleria/demo_01.htm#img/grass-blades.jpg i researched but nobody complains about such url :/ –  designer-trying-coding Aug 5 '09 at 11:18

I'm afraid that's how it's supposed to work. the '#' part is an HTML anchor that the script uses to do the switching as far as I know. You might to look for a different script.

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at least if I can clear the path somehow, that is fine. also keeping same path. like this: client/client-name#18.jpg –  designer-trying-coding Aug 5 '09 at 12:20
Then perhaps make all the images in the same directory, since the script apparently takes the value of an <img> "src". –  KeyStroke Aug 5 '09 at 12:40

you can try to play with window.location in JS erasing the string after hash, but I doubt that would make some sense.

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