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I have and object that looks like this: Notice: -string Name -string Address

In a List<Notice> I want to output All distinct Name and how many times the particular appears in the collection.

For example:


I want the output

Travel - 2
PTO - 1
Direct -1

I can get the distinct names fine with this code but I cant seem to get the counts all in 1 linq statement

  theNoticeNames= theData.Notices.Select(c => c.ApplicationName).Distinct().ToList();
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var noticesGrouped = notices.GroupBy(n => n.Name).
                     Select(group =>
                             NoticeName = group.Key,
                             Notices = group.ToList(),
                             Count = group.Count()
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A variation on Leniel's answer, using a different overload of GroupBy:

var query = notices.GroupBy(n => n.Name, 
                (key, values) => new { Notice = key, Count = values.Count() });

Basically it just elides the Select call.

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Nice one Jon. :) –  Leniel Macaferi Sep 4 '12 at 19:40

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