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I'm using google-http-java-client-1.10.3-beta for making RESTfull Json requests to a service provided by an external source.

I need to parse the Json that's coming in the response to build some POJOs to my app.

For that, I'm using HttpResonse method 'parse as':


But I'm getting this exception:

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No parser defined for Content-Type: application/json

The responded json has this format: [{"key" : {"key" : "value", "key" : "value"}}]

I had experminted some issues with other Json libraries when handling responses with square brackets, could that be the problem here?

Any ideas?

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My guess would be you are missing JSON libraries. Google-java-client comes packaged with Jackson and GSON. Make sure this libs are in your path. You can get them from this zip:… – Peter Knego Sep 4 '12 at 19:41
Actually, I'm using gson-2.1 as suggested in the README of the zip, but thanks for the answer. – Marceloeloelo Sep 4 '12 at 20:59
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Responding to myself, the api needs you to set manually a JsonObjectParser object to the request involved.

A JsonObjectParser might be a GsonParser or JacksonParser or any other implented parser.

So, in order to set a GsonParser to your request you could use this code:

HttpRequest setJsonParser(HttpRequest request) {
    JsonObjectParser parser = new JsonObjectParser(new GsonFactory());
    return request.setParser(parser);

Then you will be able to do:

HttpRequest request = setJsonParser(request).execute().parseAs(SomeModel.class);

And all your POJOs will be automatically generated.

Note: I've upgraded my google-http-java-client version to 1.11.0-beta, an earlier version won't return a HttpRequest object when calling setParser so be carefull when using the presented code, you may need a void instead of a function.

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