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If I have the following snippet to execute on the click of the button class. Most of the buttons within the app are grouped in columns to a parent div with an id.

On a certain event where a tabbed element get highlighted or selected, I want to disable the click function below and all click functions for the parent button and all the children elements within the column. Once the tabbed elements are deselected, I would like to enable the click functions back to normal. What is the simplest form to enable/disable click functions when certain events occur.

 $('.button')on(mouseup, function(evt){

EDIT: I do not want to change the snippet of code above. I just want to stop the click function completely if a class exists somewhere else completely separate from the button.

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Without modifying none of those 4 lines of code, you can't –  Alexander Sep 4 '12 at 20:04

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Maybe you can use a class on the items you want to ignore.


$('.button')on(mouseup, function(evt){
    if($(this).hasClass(className) {
    else {
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I do not want to change that snippet of code at all b/c I have a hundred button, icons on the page. Its more along the lines of what do I need to add to stop the snippet from executing if a certain class on a completely separate element is selected. –  user1502434 Sep 4 '12 at 19:53

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