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how do i sort nested documents:

produits = self.db.users.find({"email":email}, {"produit_up":1,"_id":0}).sort(("produit_up.namep"), pymongo.DESCENDING)

this dont work!

here is my schema:


everything worked without sorting, i just use produits = self.db.users.find_one({"email":email})["produit_up"] and in my templates i just call :

{% for produit in list(produits) %}
{{ produit["namep"] }}  
{{ produit["prix"] }}
{% end %}

so how do i do the same if i use SORT and LIMIT and then return the namep for example or prix

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# find_one document with sort.
db.produit.find_one({"email": "email"}, { "produit_up" : 1,"_id" : 0 }, sort=[("produit_up.namep", 1)])

# find all document with sort and limit at last 10 document.
db.produit.find({"email": "email"}, { "produit_up" : 1,"_id" : 0 }, sort=[("produit_up.namep", 1)]).limit(10)
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thank you, but finally, it seems that it's only made using Agregate groups.google.com/group/mongodb-user/browse_thread/thread/… –  Abdelouahab Pp Sep 6 '12 at 21:57
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ok, the tip is to use the python list, and then, sort it with a key In Python how do I sort a list of dictionaries by values of the dictionary?

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