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In MATLAB, I have an image which contains complex numbers. I would like to normalize the matrix in order to make the values lie between 0 and 1.

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Not sure what you mean, but suppose you would like to do it for real numbers:

M = 10*rand(5)-5; M_normalized = (M-min(M(:)))/(max(M(:))-min(M(:)))

Make sure to check but in general it should be ok.

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You may also want to use the abs function to convert from imaginary to real numbers. Then use @DennisJaheruddin 's answer to scale to the correct range

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First, where did the complex numbers come from, and why do you need to normalize the image?

It is a rare thing to have a complex image, unless it is a Fourier transform of some other image. So unless you have expected to get a complex image, you may want to check for bugs.

If you need to normalize for the purpose of displaying the image with imshow, then you may want to display its magnitude and phase instead. You can use the abs function to get the magnitude, and the angle function to get the phase.

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