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I wrote a small service with Scalatra that does two things:

  • serve JSON data
  • serve same data as an Excel sheet

JSON is done with spray-json, Excel - with apache POI

Basically, I wrote two methods in my ScalatraServlet implementation:

def serveJson[T: JsonWriter](data: T) = {
  contentType = "text/json"

def serveExcel[T: ExcelWriter](data: T) = {
  contentType = "application/excel"

Here, toJson is implemented with spray-json, so I just provide a JsonWriter implicit conversion. So I decided to write a similar toExcel conversion.

// ExcelWriter.scala


import org.apache.poi.hssf.usermodel.HSSFWorkbook
import annotation.implicitNotFound

@implicitNotFound(msg = "Cannot find ExcelWriter type class for ${T}")
trait ExcelWriter[T] {
  def write(obj: T): HSSFWorkbook

object ExcelWriter {
  implicit def func2Writer[T](f: T => HSSFWorkbook): ExcelWriter[T] = new ExcelWriter[T] {
    def write(obj: T) = f(obj)

// Imports.scala

import org.apache.poi.hssf.usermodel.HSSFWorkbook

object Imports {

  type ExcelWriter[T] =[T]
  implicit def pimpAny[T](any: T) = new AnyExcelPimp(any)
  private[excel] class AnyExcelPimp[T](any: T) {
    def toExcel(implicit writer: ExcelWriter[T]): HSSFWorkbook = writer.write(any)


Now, the problem is:

If I import import cc.spray.json._, then import excel.Imports._, scalac throws error in serveJson (value toJson is not a member of type parameter T)

If I import import excel.Imports._, then import cc.spray.json._, scalac throws analogous error in serveExcel (value toExcel is not a member of type parameter T)

Surprisingly, if I use only one of the imports, everything compiles and works just fine (well, half of it, since I comment out the half, that uses removed import).

What is wrong with my implementation?

Link to spray-json source, which I used as a reference:

Scala version - 2.9.2

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The problem seems to be that I used the same name for implicit conversion as the one used in spray-json: pimpAny.

// my implicit
implicit def pimpAny[T: ExcelWriter](any: T) = new AnyExcelPimp(any)

// spray-json implicit
implicit def pimpAny[T](any: T) = new PimpedAny(any)

So a simple rename solved the problem.

Still, kinda strange to not see the root problem but its result at compile time. Guess I'm to sleepy...

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