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With RX Subject, is it thread safe to call OnNext from multiple threads.

So the sequence can be generated from multiple source.

With merge do the same thing?

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The Rx contract requires that notifications be sequential, and is a logical necessity for several operators. That said, you can use the available Synchronize methods to get this behaviour.

        var subject = new Subject<int>();
        var syncedSubject = Subject.Synchronize(subject);            

You can now make concurrent calls to syncedSubject. For an observer which must be synchronized, you can also use:

        var observer = Observer.Create<Unit>(...);
        var syncedObserver = Observer.Synchronize(observer);


        Func<int, Action> onNext = i => () => syncedSubject.OnNext(i);
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Calling someSubject.OnNext() is as thread-safe as someList.Add() - you can call it from > 1 thread, but not concurrently. Wrap your OnNext in a lock statement and it'll be safe.

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No, sequences are meant to be sequential, hence no overlapping notifications are allowed. You can use Synchronize extension methods to enforce proper synchronization. Operators like Merge take a lock to call the downstream observer in order to ensure proper serial invocation on On* callbacks.

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It is possible to provide a example using the Synchronize extension method? – user1604006 Sep 4 '12 at 20:58

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