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I want to create a messaging and requests system.

The messages: be able to send between the users

The requests: send friend requests to an user and make sure that the user recieves the request

How can i put the tables and relationships of MYSQL?


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why not use any of the existing open source messaging system already out there? Like Jabber, or even irc. Chat is a really poor use-case for relational databases. – Gavin Towey Sep 4 '12 at 20:33
i would like to know how to desingn in mysql myself. can anybody help me please? – Agustin Castro Sep 5 '12 at 18:54
create table users(
  id integer,
  name  string,
  email # if needed (to send to).

create table messages(
  id integer,
  message text,
  from_user_id integer,
  to_user_id  integer,
  sent_on datetime,
  received_on datetime,
  read_on datetime)

It's up to you to populate the sent_on / received_on / read_on appropriately in your application.

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