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For my team city configuration, I have a build parameter with a potential preprocessor macro definition. It's a checkbox with this value: /p:DefineConstants=IncludeFleetSimulation . It has that value so that I can easily add that into my MSBuild parameters, obviously. However, I also want to change the output filename. I don't want /p:... in the filename. Instead, I want "IFS". Is there some way to insert something conditionally with the TeamCity parameter parsing? I'm picturing something like this: %IFS% != "" ? "_IFS" : ""% . How do I achieve that in TeamCity?

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I ended up writing a Nant script step to make this happen:

    <project name="RenameFilesBasedOnParamters" default="Rename">
     <target name="Rename">
     <property name="IncludeFleetSimulation" value="%IncludeFleetSimulation%" />
     <property name="currentDirectory" value="%system.teamcity.build.workingDir%" />
      <if test="${IncludeFleetSimulation != ''}">
       <foreach item="File" property="file">
         <items basedir="${currentDirectory}">
          <include name="*%build.number%_%build.vcs.number%*" />
         <move file="${file}"
               tofile="${currentDirectory + '\' + 
               path::get-file-name-without-extension(file) + 
               '_FS' + path::get-extension(file)}" />  
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